PROSTA-B Prostate & Urinary Health Support

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While common age-related prostate inflammation and enlargement can cause significant discomfort and even pain, there are several safe and natural compounds that have been shown to improve these symptoms and encourage ongoing prostate health. LA Nutrition has carefully selected several herbs, vitamins, and minerals to offer comprehensive support for men suffering from prostate enlargement and genitourinary system irritation. The herbal proprietary blend includes cat’s claw, stinging nettle, shiitake mushroom powder, and beta sitosterol. These naturally occurring anti-inflammatories have been shown to soothe irritation and decrease swelling. Saw Palmetto and pygeum africanum have been strongly associated with male reproductive health as well. The vitamin and mineral components include vitamin B-6, copper, and zinc. Not only do these elements boost the body’s immune function, but also encourage proper nutrient absorption for improved overall wellness. Try LA Nutrition’s Prosta-B for comfort, health, and vitality.

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