MEMORY DEFENSE Mind Support Formula

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LA Nutrition’s Memory Defense, containing a proprietary blend of herbs and antioxidants, supports focus, clarity, and memory. It has been widely held that Ginkgo Biloba, within Memory Defense, may assist in increasing long and short-term memory, and may assist in improving concentration. Acetyl-L-Carnitine and L-Glutamine have been said to increase cognitive function and to slow the degeneration of the nervous system and brain, while DMAE Bitartrate can be beneficial to those with memory deficiencies. When used in combination, the compounds found in LA Nutrition’s Memory Defense may be beneficial for those seeking to improve concentration or short-term memory, and may further be used by the elderly wishing to combat the memory loss associated with aging.LA Nutrition’s Memory Defense is the supplement of choice for those seeking an effective formula for peak mental function.

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