WRINKLE DEFENSE Skin Health Formula

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Give your skin the boost it needs to stay youthful and refreshed, by reducing and preventing wrinkles and free radical damage, as well as increasing moisture and elasticity. LA Nutrition's Wrinkle Defense contains collagen, a protein known to encourage elasticity and smoothness. The effects of collagen are enhanced when paired with powerful antioxidants such as green tea, vitamin c, resveratrol, and alpha lipoic acid. ALA not only contributes its own antioxidant effects, but also recycles the other antioxidant ingredients for an exponential boost to the fight against free radical damage. Turmeric has been shown to prevent cellular disease and allow skin cells to remain vibrant. Hyaluronic acid then creates a strong moisture barrier, allowing skin to retain the hydration and dewy radiance associated with youth. This gentle, yet powerful blend of proteins, antioxidants, herbs, spices, and vitamins give your skin the nutrients it needs to maintain age-defying vitality and beauty.

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