MALIBU GREENS Comprehensive Multivitamin With Green Food & Fruit Sourced Blend

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LA Nutrition’s Malibu Greens is a Comprehensive Green Food and Fruit Sourced Multivitamin/Mineral blend of vitamins, mineral trace elements, and a nutrient profile that provides the body with the nutrition it needs on a daily basis. For cell protection and enzyme support, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) recommends a daily multivitamin supplement for every adult. Malibu Greens Multivitamin provides a substantial level of the anti-oxidants that aids the body as it copes with stress and pollutants it encountered every day. Each ingredient has a working relationship that encourages absorption and efficient use of vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy living. The active enzymes in Malibu Greens aid in overall digestion and support the system’s ability to absorb nutrients from foods. This Complete formulation acts synergistically as a powerful health booster, offering every system within the body nutritional support for complete day to day wellness.

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