CORAL BLEND Caribbean Sourced Coral Calcium 1000MG

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Calcium… Magnesium… and Vitamin D. It’s what your body needs. What's so important about calcium? By now, most people know that calcium is critical for maintaining strong bones and skeletal structure … especially as we get older. Dietary supplements are one good way to assure that your body is getting the calcium it needs…and Coral Blend is one good way to obtain that calcium in the most active, most absorbable form. Coral Blend is a dietary supplement formulated from sea coral by LA Nutrition. Sea coral provides high concentrations of calcium, along with dozens of other minerals that occur naturally in the environment. Natural calcium in a pure, usable form.

University studies conducted in the Far East indicate that the calcium derived from sea coral is absorbed by the body extremely efficiently. More importantly, it provides a more constant level of calcium in the blood. Other types of calcium can cause large swings of calcium levels in your body. LA Nutrition has created Coral Blend to be readily absorbed into the bloodstream, carrying with it the minerals and materials you need for stronger bones as you age. Get Coral Blend quality…and more.

When you purchase a calcium supplement, look for the highest quality…and make sure it contains plenty of Vitamin D. Why? Because, Vitamin D has been shown to increase the body’s rate of calcium absorption. Look for magnesium, too, because it’s important to energy production, and the healthy function of many organs and systems. Coral Blend has it all. Pure, Scientifically Natural sea coral calcium, the Vitamin D that helps absorption, and the magnesium so important for strong muscles, bones, and circulation. It’s the complete calcium supplement.

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